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surf in the hinako islands

-local knowledge-

There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and glancing out your window to check the surf at your doorstep.  It’s the reason we love living on the point in front of Asu.  We’re sure that you’re gonna love it too.


You can be surfing from a selection of 11 different waves in the area. Primarily Asu, out the front door, but we also surf 10 other waves, 5 of which are located in the Hinakos and another 5 on nearby West Nias.  

Other than Asu, there are 6 rights and 4 lefts that work in different wind and swell conditions.   

Our surf guides will put you on the best spot every morning and afternoon.  Access to the 10 other breaks in the area is included with your accommodation and we have 2 speedboats to make sure we surf where you wanna surf.


Our goal for each day is to surf where it's offshore.

-THE waves-


200m left hand point break over coral reef. 3 barrel sections, multiple take-off points, fast and barreling or walled and playful, depending on swell strength. Best at 3’-12’ and holds big waves, double to triple overhead, if you like the juice, you’re gonna love Asu.  And get this, it works on ALL tides!!!


150m right hand reef break. Deep water wave, over coral reef, but rarely do people hit the reef here. Surging takeoff, this wave jumps out of deep water. Known as the ‘Sunset Beach’ of Indonesia. 2 barrel sections, one on take-off and another on the inside bowl.  Works on all tides.

turtle rights

100m right hand point break over reef and sand. Super fun wave with 3 takeoff sections with barrels and fun ripable walls.


A sea mount right hand ‘bombie’ in the middle of our islands, this wave is challenging for all levels, with no lineups except a boil just under the takeoff, this wave draws off the sea mount and throws amazing backless barrels with the right conditions.

Mini Bawa

A series of right hand peaky reef waves, even has a short left off of one of the peaks, this wave is very versatile and gets really good with the right size and tide, offering barrels, ripable walls, and super fun sessions when Bawa is a little too much.

Tigers Claw

This short and sweet left hand point break over coral reef is an unforgettable beauty when it’s on. A 100m ride with a predictable barrel section.

Secret Right

This wave is, well, let’s just say, sssshhhhhh…  Too much to take? OK… imagine a 200m reeling right hand barrel with workable walls, it's fickle, no doubt, but we know when it works and we never miss it when it's on, and we usually surf it with no crowd…enough said.


150m left hand point break over coral reef, this wave is super fun and offers a great place to run to when Asu is too big. It’s kinda like a mini version of Asu with an insane inside barrel bowl when the swell and tide are right.

No Consequences

A super fun left hand point break with, as the name implies, no consequences. When Asu is small, under 3’, it gets pretty close to the reef and has consequences. That’s when we take you over to No Consequences, where the waves are playful and the water is deep enough not to worry about hitting the reef.

Sand Bar

We also have a little sand bar right hand point break that is a good place to hide from a storm or a strong wind and it only really works on a particular direction of swell. This is a fast but gentle wave that breaks over sand, a nice break from the reef breaks that we mostly surf.  Be warned, you will share this wave with frothing, giggling, local school kids, they are always on it when it's on, but these locals are good at sharing.

_DSC7634 copy.jpg


Not far from Asu is another little secret left that will get your juices flowing.  This left has a quick take off that delivers tube right away.  The wall can end right there or go reeling off down the line, just depends on where you get in and which one you choose.  On its day this wave can be really fun. 

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