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A Deserted Island with everything you need

Location, location, location...   Asu Camp is the ONLY surf camp on Asu Island with an ALL DAY uninterrupted view of the wave at Asu from ALL locations across the camp.  The layout of our camp was specifically designed this way.  Wake up and know what the surf is doing out front before you've even wiped the sleep out of your eyes...  It's that good.

There are 2 types of accommodations available at Asu Camp; two private 2 person bungalows and the ‘Big House’ which has 3 rooms and 2 baths. We provide everything you need in your bungalow with simplicity and comfort; the best spring mattresses, clean white linens, Air Conditioning, mosquito nets with fans inside the net for maximum comfort, flushing toilets, hot water showers, comfortable deck chairs and hammocks, water coolers, not to mention the amazing ocean views… 


The private ocean view bungalows are Air-Conditioned and can be made to cater to a couple, two singles, or even a small family with a double bed and a single bed. Each bungalow has its own surfboard rack and outside shower.

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The Big House has a shared living room in the middle of the house which has a small library of books, an abundance of yoga mats, exercise balls and massage rollers, an Indo Board, 2 acoustic guitars and other musical instruments and space to just hang out. There is a wide terrace with ocean views to watch the surf from a hammock or just hang out and read a book. 


The Sunset Room - is Air-Conditioned with a shared bathroom and accommodates up to 2 people in twin beds or a couple in a double bed. 


The Loft -  a spacious second story that has the feel of living in a treehouse. The roof of the loft has 4 Nias style ‘windows’ which offer ventilation and sweeping treetop views of the ocean in front and the coconut jungle all around. There is also a 4m long ‘hammock’ that is cut out of the floor and is hands down the ‘coolest’ place to hang out. The loft

can accommodate 3 people in single beds or it can also accommodate a couple in a double

bed. The loft shares the bathroom downstairs that is accessed through the living room.

The Private Bungalows
Camp_Bungalow 2.jpg
Camp_Bungalow 2_interior twin share.jpg
Bungalow_terrace view.jpg
The big house
The Terrace
The Big House.jpg
The Sunset Room
Sunset Room.jpg
The Living Room
The Big House Living Room.jpg
The Bathroom
Sunset Bathroom copy.jpg
The loft
Main House Loft.jpg
Justin wifi at The Pres Terrace.jpg

Wifi across the camp

Asu_photog at work.JPG

In-house surf photographer

Cold Beer.jpg

ICe-cold beers




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