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Couples therapy


Chill out in one of our many hammocks strung up in the shade of the palm trees around the Asu Camp property. With a view of the wave from every hammock, a book, and a cold drink, what more could you need?



Yoga, stretching, and fitness with exercise balls, yoga mats, dumbbells, barbells, bands, pull-up bar, TRX, and a variety of cross-training videos.

Underwater_reef 2.jpg


The reefs around Asu boast a variety of coral, caves and crevices to be explored, and a multitude of reef fish and shell fish.

Tide pools 2.jpg

Tide pools

There is a tide pool just in front of the camp that is ideal for a mid-afternoon cool down. We call it the aquarium, sit back and enjoy the sun in the cool, shallow waters of the tide pool while tiny little fish swim all around you. There are 3 pools, one cascading into the next, which one you enjoy depends on the height of the tide at the time.


The Beach 

A 10-minute walk to the East shore of Asu and you arrive at the pristine white sand beach. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling up the reef to the north, or just a walk on the sand.

Asu Trail to the camp, almost there now.

Walk around the island

You can walk all the way around Asu at a leisurely stroll in just 2.5 hours. Search for shells along the beach, look at the tide pools, stop in at Mama Silvi’s place for a cold soda, water or beer, and a jump in the ocean on her beautiful stretch of white sand beach.



We have a Ping Pong Table, Chess and Backgammon boards, decks of cards, Jenga, Chinese checkers, and other distractions.

The Back yard

Visit Hinako

There are 8 islands in the Hinako Islands chain off of Nias of which Asu is one. Visit the most populated and 2nd biggest of them and take a walk around to see how the locals live.

Fire Party.jpg


The beach in front of the camp is loaded with driftwood. Collect wood in the cool of the afternoon while enjoying sunset and pile it up for a big bonfire at night.


Play Music

We have an acoustic guitar, a drum, 2 berrimbaus, 2 tambourines, and various other percussive toys.



We have thin sleeping mattresses for taking down to the beach at night. On a clear night, lay down on the sand and gaze up at the majestic skies of the outer islands. Without artificial lights to disrupt the view, the stargazing is amazing.

Justin wifi at The Pres Terrace.jpg

use the wifi

We have camp wide wifi.  Be on the edge of nowhere and keep in touch with loved ones and work, if necessary.

Fishing casting.JPG


We've got 2 speedboats at your service.  If the surf is not up to your standards or if you're just not in the mood, try going for a troll or having a cast out the back. 

Fish on!!!!

spearfishing 1.jpg


Spearfishing is not as easy as it seems, but it is a great way to go for an adventure when the surf is down.  Come try your luck and see if you've got the skills.

Beach darts.JPG

Beach darts

There's just nowhere else on earth that you might find yourself sipping Ice Cold Bintangs and throwing darts with this amazing sunset backdrop...  so jump in and see if you can beat Ian, the Camp Champ.

Camp_Bungalow 2.jpg

Wifi across the camp

Asu_photog at work.JPG

In-house surf photographer

Cold Beer.jpg

ice-cold beers




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