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1. Fly to NIAS


1. Get a flight to BAli, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, or Bangkok (KL is the closest to Medan with the most daily connecting flights).

2. Get A flight to the Medan Kualanamu Airport, North Sumatra.


3. grab a 1 hour connecting flight from the Medan Kualanamu Airport to Gunung Sitoli Airport Nias.  we highly recommend using citilink airlines if at all possible, but if their schedule doesn't lineup with your itinerary, then other airlines will do. try to arrive nias as early as possible to make it to asu same day.


note - All domestic indonesian flights are easily booked at  too easy...

2. getting to the CAMP

1. Our driver will meet you at the airport and load your bags.

2. It’s a 3 hour scenic car ride to the west coast harbor of Sirombu. the road is bumpy and curvy, so plan to take dramamine if you get car sick.


3. Our speedboat will meet you in the harbor, load your bags for the 40-minute speed boat ride to Asu (in good weather conditions).

4. A fifteen-minute walk up the point to arrive at Asu Camp and you have arrived!

many daily flight to nias with citilink and wings air from medan.
Flight over Sumatra.jpg
view over sumatra
Flying into Nias.jpg
view arriving nias
Nias car.jpeg
your AC car transport
Rice field shacks roadside views.jpg
rice paddy views on nias
Virgin Nias Rainforest roadside
rainforest views on nias
rice fields roadside.jpg
almost to the harbor now...
Speedboat on the beach.jpg
arriving the beach at asu island
Asu Trail to the camp, almost there now.
trail to the camp
Front yard.jpg
the front yard...
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