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Looking for an uncrowded world-class wave?

Asu Camp is nestled in amongst the palm trees on Asu Island, just west of Nias Island in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Our tropical paradise is situated directly in front of a reeling left-hander, so we can keep an eye on the conditions all day long. 


Asu Camp Surf Club is the ONLY camp on Asu Island

with an all-day uninterrupted view of the wave at Asu 

from EVERY location in the camp.  Location, location, location...

We offer a rural Indonesian experience for surfers who want offshore winds, consistent swell and a friendly and comfortable place to rest their salty heads after a day in the water.  We have private bungalows and clean rooms with Air Conditioning.  Asu Camp is right on the beach, with a powerful wave out the front and nine other surf breaks just a speedboat ride away.


Sleep, surf, eat, repeat.

Listen to the sound of the crashing swell from your beachfront bungalow.  Explore the island and coral reefs. Let our local staff cook up delicious food for you to enjoy while hanging out with like-minded surfers, all looking to get away from the main herd and find some challenging waves!

Asu camp offers

Camp_Bungalow 2.jpg

Wifi across the camp

Asu_photog at work.JPG

In-house surf photographer

Cold Beer.jpg

ICE-cold beers

Breakfast is served.jpg



Camp_Bungalow 2_interior twin share.jpg

Comfortable and clean rooms

IMG_0762 copy.JPG

Amazing sunsets


Epic waves

speedboat ride to other waves.jpg

Speedboat rides to other waves

A client once told us, “There’s nothing here, but you’ve got everything I need.”


“There are so many waves around the island that no matter what the wind/swell condition you can find a perfect spot with offshore winds and no one around…”

Vitor 2016, BRA


I really enjoyed my trip mate, the camp set up is exactly what i look for when doing land stays. Quiet, clean, with just the right amount of creature comforts. Great food, great staff, and a willingness by the guides to search for waves and get the boys in the water when Asu is XXL.

Josh Purnell 2018, Aus


“Asu Camp has just what you need for the perfect surf trip…”

Tom 2015, USA

Come Experience the best-kept secret in all of Indonesia


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