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The Hinako Islands are a group of 8 small islands off the west coast of Nias Island in the Sirombu District of the West Nias Regency, part of the North Sumatra Province of Indonesia.

The islands are a popular surfing destination, specifically Asu Island, and nearby Bawa Island. The waves at Bawa favor north winds and the waves at Asu favor south winds. The two islands are approximately 25 minutes apart by speedboat.

The waves at Bawa were revealed in magazine articles and Ripcurl's The Search film in 1994, featuring Tom Curren riding some of the biggest waves ever seen in Indonesia at that time photographed by Ted Grambeau and filmed by Sonny Miller.

The breaking pattern of the waves at both Bawa and Asu was significantly affected by the earthquake on 28 March 2005, measuring 8.6 on the Richter scale. The seafloor in the region was raised by up to three meters and over 900 people were killed on Nias Island.  The good news is that historically, quakes like that only happen every 200-250 years, so we don't worry about that happening again any time soon.

The lift changed the waves at Asu and Bawa, but they still produce amazing waves and all the pictures that you see on this site are from 2007 or newer, so you can see that the waves we get are still world class.  The lift also created several new waves, that few people know about, and only we know when they are on...

ASU SONY 158.jpg

Folo, Miser and Ina Miser; Ama Bute, unknown local, Earl with Olivia, Ama Tari, and Tari back in 2009.  The connection was just beginning to take hold...

Hinako locals on Asu to harvest the old coconuts, scoop out the coconut meat and smoke it into 'kopra' to preserve it for shipping to Sumatra.  


A birds eye view from over Asu looking East toward the rest of the Hinako Archipelago with Nias Island in the distance.

Ama Tiani - Our local legend that harvests our young coconuts for us to put on ice and enjoy the sweetest and freshest coconut water you've ever tasted.  Come try...

Ono Niha Megalith_1915.jpg

Ono Niha - Nias Man - This pic is from circa 1915 and shows the power of the Nias people who have inhabited this island for 10,000 years, moving and shaping the rock of the island into their culture.  The name Nias comes from the Niha people.

Ama Tiani.jpg
A Team.jpg

The A-Team, our Asu Camp crew, without whom none of what we do would be possible.  Our gratitude to our team and the happiness of our crew resonates through our camp and many guests have commented on how amazing the vibe is in our home.  Come feel the vibe...

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