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Asu Camp Surf Club Packages for 2024

Asu channels

It's easy to come and go from Asu Camp on any day of the week.  We like to let you come and go as it works for your schedule, so we make bookings on a first come, first served basis, not big groups in and out on the same days. 

We also only take a maximum of 8 surfers and we gladly close the camp to your group of 6. 

Check our packages below and let us know what dates work best for you...

6 nights

A week away…



Just have a week to get away?  No problem…we can do that!!


Arrive Nias as early as possible on the first day, car picks you up and you’re out to Asu for lunch and your first afternoon surf session.  5 more full days of surf, double or triple sessions out front at Asu or double session days off the speedboat at other waves if Asu is not working with the right winds.  On the 7th day, get an early surf in or just enjoy a lazy last day and breakfast, catch the boat out at 8 am and get to the last afternoon flight off of Nias at 13:00.

10 nights

The standard package…



11 days is our most popular package, giving you plenty of time to almost guarantee a solid swell and plenty of pumping days in between.  Maximize your time by leaving in the afternoon on your last day and spending a night on Nias before flying out the next day.  Most guests that stay 10 nights surf 5 different waves in the area, some less, some more...

14 nights


21 nights




The extended packages…

Got a little more time on your hands, let’s guarantee some amazing surf with an extended package.  See Asu go through a full moon cycle with this package, watch it work on all tides, how it changes with different swell directions, and see all the faces of Asu in one trip!!  This trip guarantees that you will see a big swell and surf around the neighborhood at several of our 10 surf spots in the area.  Really get into what we call ‘Island Time’ and slow yourself down, feel the peace in this place, and score the barrels you’ve been dreaming about.

14 nights

Lagundry Strike Mission


The Strike is best from here…


Spend 11 nights at Asu Camp and 3 nights down in Lagundry Bay on a strike mission.  Lagundry Bay is one of the best right handers in the world, but if it’s flat or onshore, it can be a real drain.   If it’s flat, the best place to be is with us at Bawa, where it’s twice the size and no frothing crowd.  If it’s onshore down there, then Asu is offshore here!!!  But if the wind comes up strong NW and the swell is pumping from the south, then it’s hard to beat Lagundry Bay for pumping, perfect, right hand mechanical perfection!!!  So, we’ll send you down from Asu Camp to Hash and Family to spend 4 days/3 nights chasing the perfection.  It’s really the best way to deal with the crowd at Lagundry…show up when it’s pumping and bail when it’s over.  We have a few guests that have pioneered this trip with us and they all come back to Asu frothing with joy and thanks for having sent them down into the Bay at the right time.  Because a surf trip is all about being in the right place at the right time, this is our neighborhood, and you’re in good hands with Asu Camp.

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