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  • What kind of money should I bring? And how much?
    You should bring Indonesian Rupiah out to Nias. There are only two ATMs on Nias, the first is 20 minutes from the airport in the town of Gunung Sitoli and the second is in Teluk Dalam, southern Nias, just 20 minutes from Lagundry Bay. We recommend bringing as much Rupiah as you feel comfortable carrying. You never know, you may want to stay longer, buy a board from a new friend, get some massages, or have to pay for some ding repair to fix a stick…best bet is to come prepared. Asu is very safe, there is no crime here, our staff are totally trustworthy and your Bungalow is under observation all day. We can also accept USD, Euro, British Pounds, AUD, and NZD at a reasonable exchange rate. We also have a credit card machine that can accept your Visa and Mastercards. We charge a 3% bank fee for all transactions. We can sell you cash Rupiah if you need it for your onward travels.
  • Can I use my major Credit Card for purchases at Asu Camp?
    We accept major bank issued International Visa and Master Card credit cards with our credit card machine at the camp. The charge is subject to a 3% bank fee. We can sell you cash Rupiah for your travels onward if you need.
  • What's not included in my paid stay at Asu?
    Massages, ice-cold beers, sodas and isotonics, red or white wine by the bottle (with advanced order), fresh fruit juices, Asu Camp T-shirts, Surf Yogis Zinc Sunscreen, Water Proof bags with Asu Camp logo, and Over The Moon Bali Hammocks made from parachute material are available for purchase. Massage - 1 hour massage for just 100,000Rp ($7USD) Can't beat that!!! Ice-cold Tall Bintang Bottle Beers are available for 80,000 Rp. ($5 USD) Ice-cold Bintang cans are available for 50,000Rp ($3 USD) Cans of Coke and Sprite are available for 30,000 Rp. ($2 USD) Pocari Sweat Isotonic are available for 30,000 Rp. ($2 USD) Fresh Fruit Juice made to order for 60,000Rp ($4USD) Asu Camp T-shirts are 300,000Rp ($20USD) Asu Camp Long sleeve hooded shirts are 450,000Rp ($30USD) Surf Yogis All-natural Zinc sunscreen tins 300,000Rp ($20USD) Water Proof Bags with AC logo 350,000Rp ($23USD) Over The Moon Hammocks are 300,000Rp ($20USD)
  • Should I surf Lagundry Bay on my trip to Asu?
    Lagundry Bay is generally really crowded. There are a lot of locals that surf there, and they surf really well. The lineup at Lagundry Bay is really competitive, but if you get out amongst it you will surely get some waves. The wave is really good, it's something out of a dream, an absolute machine, perfect, classic, Indonesian reef break, and was included in a book called “50 Places to Surf Before You Die.” It is a short but hollow right hander and a really nice complement to the wave on Asu, so surfing there on your way to or from Asu is highly recommended. As far as the crowd goes, if you are patient and wait for the right wave to come to you, you will get barreled. As I like to say, at Lagundry, you don't get your turn, but you will get your time...
  • How are the crowds at Asu these days?
    Crowds are relatively non-existent. “Crowd” at Asu is generally under 10 people. Surf charter boats occasionally drop by for a day or 2 at the most, usually when the swell is small, and sometimes we see up to 15-20 people in the lineup, but then the next day they continue on their way to the Banyaks or Telo Islands. Read our blog post about Crowds.
  • How is the food at Asu Camp?
    Fresh and plentiful every day, you won’t go hungry. Breakfast is a selection of items from fresh fruit salads topped with grated coconut and roasted peanuts to Corn Flakes, or porridge/oats/mueslix with fresh papaya, banana and walnuts. You can also request eggs any way you like em, fried, poached, hard boiled or an omelette with cheese and veggies. If that doesn’t do it for you, we also make pancakes hot off the skillet cooked up with cold pressed coconut oil and topped with maple syrup. Fresh bread is baked daily. Lunch is served family style at mid day and is different everyday. Dinner is also served family style after sunset at 7 and is different everyday. Our menu is diverse and delicious. FOOD and DRINKS
  • Should I use Malaria medication?
    If you ask your doctor, they will surely tell you that Nias is a malarial zone and that yes, you should take anti-malaria medication. There have been cases of malaria out on Asu since the earthquake and lift of the island which dried out the swamp that used to be in the middle of the island. has been VERY rare. We live out here without using medication. We don't recommend that you use it, we don't like the side effects of the available meds. We recommend covering up with a light weight long sleeve shirt and pants at sunset if you're not comfortable with the odds. The mosquito population is a fraction of what it used to be on Asu when there was a swamp in the middle of the island. The swamp is dry now and the mossis seem to come out at sunset after a day of rain. They are worse some times than others, but I can assure you there are bottles of mosquito repellent here that people have brought, never used, and left with us... It's just not really that bad.
  • Should I purchase Travel Insurance?
    We highly recommend getting a travel insurance policy for your trip. For issues from baggage delays and losses, to delayed flights, damaged electronics, even broken boards!!!!, not to mention injury or evacuation... We highly recommend it. Check out our page on Travel Insurance, we are a partner with World Nomads and you can get a quote right here on our site. Easy peasy. The funny thing about insurance is that it's only expensive when you don't buy it...
  • What are the Terms and Conditions of booking with Asu Camp?
    By way of payment to Asu Camp, all guests abide by our terms & conditions. Please read below carefully and if you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to email us at any time at Asu Camp is not liable for any damage to any personal items, theft, illness, injury or death caused while travelling or staying at the camp. Asu Camp reserves the right to cancel a person’s accommodation due to inappropriate behaviour. CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: There will be no refunds issued once deposit payment is received. There will be no refunds on final payments. Asu Camp reserves the right to withdraw a booking if deposit payment isn’t made within 60 days of departure. Remember that deposits secure room spaces. No deposit – means no reservation. Asu Camp highly recommends that all guests have travel insurance and it is the responsibility of the guest to arrange his or her travel insurance prior to the departure of their country of origin. Please show proof of insurance including policy number and contact information upon arrival. Asu Camp is not liable in any situation to pay extra expenses, which may be due to delays, natural disasters, war, civil unrest, terrorism, acts of god etc. Asu Camp is not responsible for any guests actions and will not be involved in any legal matters related to crime, drugs or anything that is against the law, both in the guests country of origin and/or Indonesia. Asu Camp’s guests must have more than 6 months validity in their passport at time of departure from you home country Asu Camp will not be held responsible for any matters related to immigration and take no responsibility with regards to customers visas. Guests should be aware that tourist visa’s obtained on entry at any port in Indonesia is a 30-day extendable visa. Asu Camp cannot under any situation extend a visa and will not be held liable for an overstay under any circumstances. Asu Camp recommends that guests seek medical advice before departure and take the necessary medicines/vaccinations instructed by their doctor. Asu Camp recommends all guests should check all safety issues, travel warnings, information and advisories related to entering Indonesia before departing their country of origin. It is the guest’s decision to enter Indonesia if there is danger present. All guests, if under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Asu Camp will not refund any portion of any trip if related to injury, sickness, or unlawful behaviour. Asu Camp will assist the guest to the best of their ability, but will not put any other guest in danger. Asu Camp has the right to alter travel schedules due to weather conditions, safety issues or situations beyond our control. Asu Camp has informed the guest that all travel is at the guest’s own risk. Searching in remote locations may lead to dangers in which the guest has total responsibility in agreement to engagement. Asu Camp will do our utmost to maintain the prices indicated, however prices might need to be adjusted due to circumstances beyond our control. Asu Camp reserves the right to amend prices, before or after your booking, until the full payment is received. Asu Camp reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. Costs not included in Price: Excess Baggage, Personal, Spending money, Food not prepared by Asu Camp (eating out is additional cost) Alcohol, Travel Insurance, Passport and Inoculation costs, Personal costs incurred through delay in transport or mechanical breakdown. Asu Camp is not held responsible for tickets once the guests obtain them. We will not be responsible for airline tickets being lost once they have reached the hands of the guests. Asu Camp reserves the right to refuse service to any individual. Asu Camp is secure with all booking information and will not forward any information obtained, except for matters related to the law, which directly affect us.
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