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Open Season is January 15-december 15


Asu Camp Surf Club has been satisfying surfers with epic waves and a slice of paradise since 2009. Run by a team of two young families, one expat and one local, with friendly local staff, Asu Camp welcomes you to our magical island home. We want our guests to experience rural Indonesia and the kind of atmosphere traveling surfers found in Indonesia in the 1970s and ‘80s, with a very natural feel, good vibes, low crowds, powerful waves, coconut tree fringed Islands and non-English speaking locals.

About the waves

Asu Surf Camp is conveniently located directly in front of a reeling 200m left-hander with 3 barrel sections. Our surf guide Earl has over 16 years of knowledge to find you the best swell, wind, and tide combination around the islands. With 10 other breaks accessible by a speedboat ride, we are dedicated to helping you find your dream wave! Our neighborhood is not designed for beginners, the waves out here are challenging for both intermediate and expert level surfers. The surf here is powerful, fast and barreling over live coral reefs, we would not recommend this camp for beginner level surfers. The island of Asu is the crown jewel of our neighborhood and one of the most consistent waves in Indonesia, out here we don’t know the term ‘flat’. Of the 11 waves we regularly surf, there are 6 rights and 5 lefts, which provide a healthy variety for any surfer's diet.

If you're ready for a lay day from the surf, or your travel companion isn’t into surfing, check out our activities page for all the other epic adventures available to you like snorkeling the fringing coral reef, exploring the island, reading a book, hanging in a hammock in a cool breeze, enjoying the company and conversation of your fellow campers, or taking a boat ride to try your luck at fishing or to check out one of our other waves or explore a new coral reef location or local village on another island.

About the island ​

We fall asleep to the rumble and crash of the constant surf and we wake to the rhythm and songs of the birds at sunrise in the morning. Our camp sits on the very northern tip of the little island of Asu which gives us the unique perspective of seeing the sunrise and sunset right from the beach out front. There are no roads or cars on the island so everything is by boat, bike, or foot. Asu is surrounded by white sand, crystal clear water, coconut palm fringed beaches and coral reefs.

Asu from Above

About the accommodation


We have a maximum camp capacity of just 8 people and we are happy to close the camp to your group of just 6.

There are 2 types of accommodations available at Asu Camp; two private 2 person bungalows and the ‘Big House’ which has 3 rooms and 2 baths. We provide everything you need in your bungalow with simplicity and comfort; the best spring mattresses, clean white linens, air conditioning, mosquito nets, fans inside the mosquito nets, flushing toilets, hot water showers, comfortable deck chairs and hammocks, water coolers, not to mention the amazing ocean views…

The private ocean view bungalows are air-conditioned and can be made-up to cater for a couple, a solo traveler looking for a big bed and some extra space, two singles, or even a small family with a double bed and a single bed slipped in beside. Each bungalow has a large terrace, surfboard rack and outside shower.

The Big House has a shared living room in the middle of the house which has a small library of books, an abundance of yoga mats, exercise balls and massage rollers, an Indo Board, 2 acoustic guitars and other musical instruments, and space to just hang out. There is a wide terrace with ocean views to watch the surf from a hammock or just hang out and read a book.

There are 2 accommodation choices in The Big House:

The Sunset Room - is air-conditioned with a shared bathroom and accommodates up to 2 people in twin beds or a couple in a double bed.

The Loft -  a spacious second story that has the feel of living in a treehouse. The roof of the loft has 4 Nias style ‘windows’ which offer ventilation and sweeping treetop views of the ocean in front and the coconut jungle all around. There is also a 4m long ‘hammock’ that is cut out of the floor and is hands down the ‘coolest’ place to hang out. The loft can accommodate 2-3 people in single beds or it can also accommodate a couple in a double bed. The loft shares the bathroom downstairs that is accessed through the living room.


About the food

Our food is lovingly prepared by local chefs Lili and Finay who cook up tasty treats and delicious meals every day. We serve a variety of healthy cuisine with European, South American and of course, Indonesian influence, and we eat lunch and dinner together family-style at the large dining table. Breakfast is made fresh each morning, your choice of the ever-popular fresh fruit bowl with all the fixings, (chia seeds, walnuts and almonds, goji berries, yogurt), as well as the classics; banana pancakes cooked in cold pressed coconut oil, amazing omelettes and scrambles, freshly baked homemade bread, egg sandwiches stacked with ham, avocado, cheese and tomato, or maybe just a simple bowl of porridge or Corn Flakes with fresh banana or ripe papaya picked from one of our many fruit trees spread around our coconut gardens. Please let us know about dietary preferences before you arrive, we are happy to cater to vegetarian and vegan diets. We also have homemade Indonesian sambal for those of you that like it spicy!!!

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